Privacy Policy of WhatsApp: At the beginning of 2021, WhatsApp updated its policy to improve WhatsApp performance. They also asked their user to agree with their new policy. WhatsApp announced not to delete their accounts, although they suspended them for a limited time. This notice is for those who don’t accept their new policy.

Privacy Policy of Whatsapp

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New Policy of WhatsApp

It includes related texting on business WhatsApp. They asked the users to agree with their new policy. The new policy was to share data from business WhatsApp to Facebook for business advertisements.

Privacy Policy of WhatsApp is Dangerous or not?

With the new policy of WhatsApp, it is not dangerous to the user. Whatsapp chat continues with end-to-end encrypted. It means no third party of Facebook can see your private chat, location, or media. Also included audio-video calls because they’re end-to-end encrypted.

Third-Party Can Read Messages

No, Whatsapp doesn’t allow any third party to access their user’s private chat or calls. It means only the sender and receiver can read them. And there is no other way for anyone to see the private chat.

Can Someone Access WhatsApp Without Number?

Sometimes we see advertisements or thumbnails on how to read, access or hack any WhatsApp account. But Don’t worry, it is impossible to hack or see the private chat of anyone because we put the OTP generated by WhatsApp to log in. Everything is dependent on this OTP, and it secures your informational data, chat, location or anything related to WhatsApp.

Can Someone Listen to My Calls?

It is the same as texting. No one can hear or listen to calls, whether audio or video calls. Because audio and video calls are also end-to-end encrypted, it is entirely safe and secure, so don’t worry and enjoy it. 


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