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Quran WhatsApp Group Link: Quran is among the books of religion in which Muslims are able to use as a way to worship God. In this book, Muslim individuals will learn instructions on how they can live their lives in a way that is devoted to God. In this book, explanations will be given about what constitutes sin and what is right. Every day, Muslims will given the Quran at the beginning and at the end of their lives.

The book is a source of worship for Muslims in Urdu. The Muslim will learn Quran from left to right. The individual will receive training in the religion of Islam to studying Quran. Quran is a good example of how Muslims should end their lives in a proper way. The book is not to be read-only by Muslims. people. Any religious people can go through the book.

If we study the Quran in all its entirety we will be able to understand the Muslim way of life. If you’d like to learn more about Quran then you can follow the hyperlinks beneath.

Rules For Quran WhatsApp Group Link

  • Only Muslims are permitted in this group.
  • Discuss all Quran related information in this group.
  • Don’t post falsehoods regarding the Muslim religion within this group.
  • Don’t discuss any other religion in this group.
  • Respect the rules of this group is mandatory for all members.

Quran WhatsApp Group Link

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